1.What Is "RedRive"

It is a little different from the other games because it wants you to enjoy moving the machine "action".

e.g.The enemy is enclosed with the "square" and attacked.

This game is "Square-Action-Game" RedRive.

2.How To Install

Please copy all of folder to wherever you like on the hard disk.
Afterwards, please execute "RedRive.exe".

Config Tool(Config.exe) and Twitter Tool(sstwitter.exe) require "Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (or higher)".

Caution : Please save the config.txt by config.exe, first time.

3.How To Uninstall

Please remove all copied files.
This program does not use any registries.

4.Cardinal Rule

The enemy is enclosed with the square(line) and attacked. If the boss who is waiting at the end is defeated, it will be epilogue.

One machine is lost if dealing with the enemy or enemy fire.
When the remain your machine becomes 0, it means game over, and returns to title.

5.How to play

Basic operation

Basic operation
Keybord / Joypad Action
[ Cursor key / D-pad ] move your machine
[ Keybord "Z" / Joypad "Botton 1" ] Draw a line(Attack button(Attack button))

Other operation

Other operation
[ Pause ] Keybord "ESC" / Joypad "Botton 9"
[ Keybord "F12" ] The screen capture

Caution : Please change Joypad setting by Config.exe(or Config.txt).

Config tool

RedRive Config tool

1 Basic setting

2 Detailed setting

Please change seeing and the setting when the game doesn't operate well.

3 Joypad Setting

4 Music Setting

5 Extra Setting

This game corresponds to Twitter servises.

6.Screen explanation

The screen is composed of the following items.

RedRive  ScreenShot
number name description
1 [Score]&[FPS] Display Score and FPS.
2 [Boss's life bar] Boss's life bar.
3 [Enemy] It is enemy.A shoot 'em all!
4 [Bullet hell"danmaku"Field] It is a range where you can move.
You can not go out of this field.
5 [Energy bar] Display your attack energy remainder.
6 [Your vehicle] It is a vehicle that you control.
7 [Number of remaining your machine] remain your machine

Attack system

About the method of attack

About attack energy

About score

Bonus by method of attack

The score changes according to the color of the line. The magnification of the score is as follows.

About stage bonus

The stage separates into some areas.
If the enemy is quickly destroyed and the area is cleared, it becomes a high score.

About divergence of the route

The route changes depending on the condition.
Please look for because it is a difficult stage.


Please give the bug report BBS or E-mail, etc.on the RebRank Web page.

RebRank(Please read Re-Blank) :
E-Mail : rebrank E-Mail

RedRive uses the following libraries

zlib version 1.1.4, March 11th, 2002
Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

ogg_static, vorbis_static, vorbisfile_static
Copyright(c) 1994-2002 XIPHOPHORUS Company.

Mersenne Twister
Copyright (C) 1997 - 2002, Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura.

oauth(Google Code)